BMC FootPrints

A flexible, integrated IT Service & Asset Management solution.

BMC FootPrints offers a single solution for full service lifecycle management, helping organizations gain efficiency and control through a robust ITSM solution. A flexible, comprehensive, integrated IT Service and Asset Management solution that is easy to install, use and extend – no lengthy consulting engagements and no new development team required.
BMC Footprints is our On-Premise and Cloud Service Desk option available in NZ and AU.  BMC FootPrints will allow you to effectively manage costs, while also maintaining customer satisfaction and service delivery to your business.”
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Smart ITSM: Powerful, Efficient, Intelligent, Compliant, Collaborative

BMC FootPrints will allow you to effectively manage costs, while also maintaining customer satisfaction and service delivery to your business.

What makes BMC FootPrints unique?

BMC FootPrints follows ITIL best practices and supports key processes like incident and problem, change, and configuration management. So what sets it apart? BMC FootPrints is designed for the evolving business with a just-right balance of usability, security and functionality. It’s flexible enough to configure, affordable enough to invest in, and powerful enough to grow with you.

One integrated ITSM solution

With BMC FootPrints, you choose just the capabilities you need to help ensure IT best practice adoption at a rate that works best for your organization. It even goes beyond IT, empowering you to help other functional departments also improve productivity and reduce costs. Best of all, it does everything from a single, web-based console: one product, one vendor, one support contract, one view into what’s going on across your business.

Flexible, fast, and user-friendly

BMC FootPrints is truly easy to configure. From installation and deployment to maintenance and upgrades, FootPrints’ ease of use translates to fast installation, rapid ROI, and most importantly, much happier users.

What’s New in FootPrints 11.5 Service Core

Improved user experience

FootPrints Service Core Home Screen

User experience enhancements in FootPrints 11.5 not only make navigation more intuitive, but also automatically suggest solutions to expedite resolution and improve user satisfaction and IT productivity. With FootPrints 11.5 you’ll experience:

  • A new homepage layout and login user interface
  • Updates and improvements to the service catalog
  • Enhanced configuration item (CI) visualization
  • Auto-suggest solutions for quicker resolution times
  • Aggregated time-tracking rollup of subtasks to master ticket

Social IT

FootPrints Service Core Twitter Feed

You can easily monitor and communicate with your customers via the social media they prefer, including Facebook and Twitter, to better manage user expectations and speed incident resolution. More specifically, you can:

  • Read tweets from the FootPrints dashboard
  • Create an incident from a Tweet
  • Respond directly to the sender of the Tweet through the new address book Twitter field
  • Automatically post status updates to Facebook and Twitter

Enable intelligent financial and business decisions

FootPrints Service Core Financial Business

With FootPrints 11.5, you can now see and understand the financial implications of an action without having to look to other departments or tools, thus decreasing the time spent on research and improving accurate decision making. More specifically, leveraging the deep process and data integration between FootPrints Service Core and FootPrints Asset Core, you can:

  • Associate asset financial, warranty and support data with their respective configuration item in the Service Core CMDB
  • View an asset’s worth and other financial data from incident, problem and change processes
  • Easily view financial data to accurately predict and manage service costing

What’s New in FootPrints 11.5 Asset Core

Cradle-to-grave automated IT asset management


BMC FootPrints 11.5 helps you reduce your manual asset management tasks from initial imaging to end of life. Automated deployment, patch, and maintenance of operating systems, applications, and agents deliver true “set-it-and-forget-it” capabilities that ease the ongoing management of complex hardware and software asset installations.

  • Deploy or migrate large volumes of systems in a short amount of time with multi-casting
  • Quickly configure automated updates, scanning, and deployment processes
  • Recognize when a new machine comes online and auto-deploy the correct agent (OS-based) through intelligent agent deployment and management
  • Maintain compliance through automatically deployed agents

ITSM integration Your Way

screenshot_externalservicedesk_largeWith FootPrints 11.5 you can intelligently integrate your asset data with either your on-premise BMC FootPrints or cloud-based BMC Remedyforce solution.

  • Reduce ticket resolution time while enhancing self-service portal capabilities
  • Deliver useful, easy, practical, customizable out-of-the-box templates
  • Enable two-way communications for real time actions

Intuitive, comprehensive asset management

screenshot_customize_homepage_largeWith an enhanced look & feel, customization options, updated Instant Expert tasks and next generation platform support, FootPrints Asset Core improves the administration experience for customized and integrated intelligent IT asset management.

Migration Management

BMC FootPrints Migration Manager expands the reach for migration and desktop transformation projects.

  • Updated support for server-based user profiles (Windows Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp)
  • Extended profile types for migrations (local, roaming, folder redirection)
  • Convert between profile types for quick and simple migrate users from local desktops to a Remote Desktop Services environments
  • Application support for Adobe Acrobat Reader/Pro 10.x

Additional Enhancements

  • Next generation platform support – including Microsoft Windows 8
  • Discover, deploy, troubleshoot, assess and update Windows Embedded devices
  • Advanced diagnostics for automated root cause discovery when an asset is no longer being managed properly
  • Extended inventory data recognition for operating systems, software title normalization and security software updates
  • Plus more than 100 additional customer enhancement requests & fixes

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